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File extension
Internet media type
The DOC file extension is associated with documents made within the MS Word text processor. It's the standard format which was used in MS Office 97-2003, when more recent versions of Microsoft Word (2007+) provide users DOCX.
Technical details
The DOC formatting can store lots of different info, such as textual content formatting, alignment, indents, listings and sentences etc. Documents similar to this aren’t limited to textual content but may also include all sorts of graphics, tables and scripts as well as graphs.
Developed by
Initial Release
File extension
Internet media type
PDF is made by Adobe. It has become a worldwide common for sending and keeping electronic documents. At present, it is the most reputable file type that could be read on any computer as well as on any mobile device without jeopardizing formatting or quality. PDFs can contain text, graphics, spreadsheets, or almost any other type of details.
Technical details
A PDF document is just like a printed document however in electronic type. Contrary to hard copies, a PDF can contain built-in video and audio records, as well as links to leap quickly to other elements of the document or additional sources. You may also setup safety to prevent unauthorized reading, publishing or document editing.
Developed by
Initial Release

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Operations Manager
I like this powerful but simple Word to PDF converter. I can easily make high-quality PDFs from any DOC file. A+ from me.
Automation Consultant
It helps me every day. I work remotely from my home office so having good online tools is a must. The best part is it's web-based, so you don't need to install any software or make any integrations to use it.
Online Word Coach
As a coach in Microsoft, I can say this online converter is simple and easy to use in terms of its functionality. It converts any Microsoft Word file into an accurate PDF in just a few clicks.


How to convert Word to PDF on Mac?
Using an online platform, you can convert any document to PDF via any device, including Mac. Take advantage of our solution and transform your Word doc in a snap.
How to transform Word to PDF?
Our online converter helps you turn Word doc to PDF in the fastest and most effortless way. Upload a file and select the format you need.
How to convert Word to PDF online?
Our solution is web-based so that you can convert documents via any Internet-connected device. Go to your browser and visit our site to upload Word doc.
Which Word to PDF converter is best?
Our platform is high-rated by numerous users because it is convenient. Create your account where you can store your documents and change their format as you wish. In addition to the converter, here you will find many more tools for editing your documents.
How to convert Word to PDF on Windows?
It doesn't matter to use a Windows or Mac. Our online solution will cover your needs. Upload your document on our site and get your converted PDF in a click.
How to convert Word to PDF via android?
Open your mobile browser, visit our web-based platform, and upload your document from the cloud or internal storage. Select the preferred type and transform Word to PDF.
How to convert Word to PDF with fillable fields?
Our solution has many tools for editing PDF. Upload your Word and use the Drag & Drop Wizard to turn your document into a fillable template.
How to convert Word to PDF and edit?
After you upload a document, you can edit it from the ground up. Save changes and download your newly-polished PDF.
How to convert Word to PDF via iPhone?
Use your mobile browser to visit our site. Then upload your Word and convert it in one click.
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