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This is a great and important question the ability to efficiently sort and access your papers is such a crucial part of doing effective research. During my PhD I have spent my fair share of time to explore and experiment with different notes taking and literature organization techniques for scientific papers. Here is my conclusionn For the legendary papers you should print them out use your pen and highlighters as you study them bring them with you on the train in the bathroom and while you lay on bed so you can ensure easy access and high reading frequency to remember all the important details and get inspirations from them. I highly rmend to use binders to organize the hard copiesn For this method I only print the highly relevant papers. You can use different binders for different projects different fields or different time era whatever works for you. Personally I found this old school method (versus using software) to be extremely useful and versatile. Since after school this habit has carried over and I use it to organize work related documents such as project & client information. The ability to just grab a folder turn to the page for information and jot down notes at any time without electricity withoutputer without launching and searching smokes anyputer based techniques out of the water! And a nice bonus when your bosses to your desk asks for quick information nothing beats impressing your superior. You should the binders sit on your desk within the reach of your arm at any moment n n In terms of digital notes taking (for the non-crucial papers) I rmend simply explore the free Adobe Reader. UPDATE I used to rmend AcrobatPro for this task but then I discovered the current Adobe Reader XI has all thementing feature I need! n Whatpany can work with PDF files better than Adobe? Adobe Reader you can easily highlight and notes and draw shapes (much like PowerPoint) and save them and be permanent part of the original PDF document. Screenshot of usage of drawing markups I made on some patent (red color are insertted with the Drawing Markup tools) as you can see you can make sufficient markups for note-taking purposes n Below screenshot shows how I typically highlightment as I read PDF documents all are achieved by the features under Comment column nOfficial document from Adobe about drawing markup toolsn Annotations and drawing markup tools overview In terms of paper organization I can not stress this enough Mendeley is the way to go ! I have tried themon ones such as Zotero EndNote EverNote Google products Microsoft products without going into details (there are many parisons on the web that you can read) let me repeat this Mendeley is the way to go! Mendeley actually has a built-in notes taking highlighting feature. The key here is that all info. are stored in the cloud. Which means if you take notes or highlights on a paper at work it will show up in your otherputers! Personally I haven't explored this feature a lot (was bit buggy back then). But seems like a great solutionn n
I am strangely enough. My output has waned over the last year as I've be busier. But I'm happy to take the fleece. In the meantime enjoy some of my greatest hits of the past year most of which are not that great Biology n Shan Kothari's answer to Is it a good idea to interbreed the various endangered tiger subspecies like the Sumatran Malayan Indo-Chinese South China Bengal and Siberian tigers so that they have more genetic variation? answer aid 26748 n Shan Kothari's answer to Can giraffes swim? answer aid 266935 n Shan Kothari's answer to Ecology What do ecologists think of Lotka-Volterra? answer aid 331343 Shan Kothari's answer to What is the future of big data in ecology? answer aid 3719237 n Shan Kothari's answer to What is hermatypic coral? answer aid 21879 n n Philosophy n Shan Kothari's answer to Why did Blaise Pascal not immediately understand the which god problem with his wager? answer aid 2325461 n Shan Kothari's answer to Philosophy of Mind What is functionalism? answer aid 1929163 n Shan Kothari's answer to Do ethical philosophers tend to be more ethical? answer aid 282594 Shan Kothari's answer to Can you be a philosopher and still believe in god? answer aid 22267 n Shan Kothari's answer to What are the main differences between epiphenomenalism and materialist reductionism? answer aid 194682 n Shan Kothari's answer to What has philosophy contributed to society in the past 5 years? answer aid 2128216 n n Other n Shan Kothari's answer to What are some famous pictures that ruined people's lives? answer aid 21744 Shan Kothari's answer to Why is itmon liberal policy to reject Social Darwinism despite wholeheartedly embracing evolution? Why this contradiction? answer aid 329589 n Shan Kothari's answer to Who are the best or most famous Christian poets? answer aid 353779 Shan Kothari's answer to What are the most impressive intellectual achievementspleted by persons under 2 years old in terms of the influence magnitude depth scope creativity or difficulty of the achievement? answer aid 2571238 n Shan Kothari's answer to What is it like to attend a REU? answer aid 328151 n Shan Kothari's answer to What directors chose the same people to work with time and time again in any roles and who are these people? answer aid 3712437
Thanks for the A2A. nThe cutoff for different AIIMS is different. The rank of students who got admission in AIIMS in 215 for MBBS is on the ns%2list%2of% you got the answer what you were looking for nThanks.. Edit for those who cannot open the above . Try opening it as a adobe reader file or in any similar PDF app
Depends on what specifically you want your students to do in those PDFs and what do you mean by write. Annotations ments) . Most PDF reader apps will let them annotate the file (addments) but while they all support the basic sticky notes few go beyond. Adobe Reader will give your students lots of drawing annotations editing markup file attachments and more (some of it will require Reader-enabling in Acrobat first) so it still sounds like the best free option. It will also let you add with Fill & Sign tool and edit it but neither it nor other free readers will let you edit and format the and images already in the file. That's a feature of Acrobat Pro and its other paid rivals. Forms . Those created with Acrobat Pro (acroforms) can be filled in most readers including on mobile. Depending on how the form was created you may need to Reader-enable it in Acrobat so it can be saved or digitally signed. If your PDF looks like a form but is in fact flat without any fields e.g. just for printing you can still use the Fill & Sign tools in Adobe Reader to over it and place a drawing of a signature. Interactivity . This is tricky. Anything made with Flash or requiring it will only work in Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro only on desktop only with Flash Player installed separately on the destination system. Not a reliable option anymore Almost anything that requires JavaScript won't work on mobile. There are very few PDF interactivity features that work more or less universally. Of those that immediatelye to mind it's probably only video (.mp4 not .flv) and the show field functionality.
Mendeley topic tid 15569 or Zotero topic tid 28391 n Dropbox (product) topic tid 841 or Google Driven Mozilla Thunderbird topic tid 11618 nPerhaps Google Reader topic tid 2357 and Twittern Mozilla Firefox topic tid 17199 or Google Chrome topic tid 116 with well chosen bookmarklets (Mendeley...)n Linux topic tid 147 depending of your academic domain ( Ubuntu (operating system) topic tid 4344 is a good choice for beginners)n Notepad++ topic tid 29988 n Inkscape topic tid 14381 for creating vector images useful for figures and postersn LaTeX (document preparation) topic tid 3215 with for example TexnicCenter with a SVN repositoryn Adobe Reader topic tid 24198 n Google Calendar topic tid 198 with Mobile Syncn Google Scholar topic tid 5749 ... A note-taking tool such asn Evernote (product) topic tid 2611 an hosted mediawiki Freemind topic tid 39517 (mind mapping)...
Given that your requirements are fairly basicI would suggest that either of the OS would do quite great for if you are only going to do basic stuffs I guess I can assume that you are not willing to shell out a lot of money for your phone. In this casebuy Redmi 2Redmi Note or any Redmi device. If you are willing to spend a bit morethen Moto or Nexus devices. Yes Windows Phone too will definitely get your work donebut then when both the phones get your work donethe victory should be decided in how many and what other meaningful features you are going to get by spending a given amount. And in terms of extra features Android just blows away Windows hands down. But yes if you are going for Android try to stick with RedmiMoto or Nexus devices . These brands offer value for money and shall provide updates to your phone. You may choose not play games(you can play great games in a 7k Redmi 2)but with Androidyou can get free appsyou can get customization for your device and many more which you will not get out of Windows devices for the same amount of Windows Phone has limited apps in their storepared to Android's Google Play Store. Google out for more yesif you stick to the brands I saidyou will see Android never hangs italic . (Samsung's phones hangshtc doesn't give updates nor will frankly they are not worth considering if you have a less than 1k budget...) As for media player there are not many media players in Windows store. In Android there is a whole section for media players. Jet Audio WinampVLC playerMx audio bla you need tois choose.. Hope this helps!! )
Oh boy I got mine on the 3rd of August for my birthday (That and my school laptop refuses to run a web browser without crashing 3 times a day) It the Microsoft Surface Laptop and its only about 2 1 months old now. In that color too. But now I want to tell a story theres the answer to your question the next few paragraphs are my own little story telling session. I was looking to buy aputer that I could use for School for the next 5 or so years and I was heavily considering the Macbook Pro. Only issue was as much as I like the build quality and smooth performance I hate lacked support for a lot of programs and using wine to run is pretty much flipping a coin and hoping it lands on your side. The Macbook pro USB-C and thunderbolt ports as cool as thunderbolt is are annoying. 99% ofputer accessories rely on USB-A and I was not keen on buying dongles and carrying them around just to use a mouse or connect my phone. But those weren't the biggest issues honestly the Macbook Pro still had amazing battery life and was light and sturdy. But the keyboard ugh the keyboard was horrendous to say the least the track pad is great but typing on the keyboard was a nightmare my fingers expected more key travel and pressed on hard for it but the butterfly keyboard still provided a typing nightmare! Nonetheless I was on my way to an apple store to get a Macbook Pro since it would still last long run great and had a great screen until.. I saw the Surface Laptop. I saw it it met all my requirements it was light sturdy great screen and amazing keyboard and a battery that refuses to die until the next day. That almost immediately convinced me to get one (That and it was cheaper thanks to a $3 student discount.) I got the middle of the road model Intel i5 72U 8GB Ram 256GB SSD This is the best laptop Ive ever owned and by far the best Windows experience ever.
In the mid-eighties when I was a young sales manager I was interviewing candidates for a Field Support Services Rep - those job it was to train and assist clients in the use of office productivity software. The resumes of those candidates who made the short list were given to me. While all were qualified two resumes stood out for small details listed under Hobbies and Other Interests - a section I learned early in my career often provided a goldmine of insight into an individual. This is what caught my attention on each resume Practitioner of Silva Method (Candidate A) Psychic Healing (Candidate B) I saved my final interview question for each candidate to the end. And here how it went To a somewhat demure Candidate A I asked following a so-so interview You write that you are a practitioner of the Silva Method. Im not familiar with that. What is it? A exed the Silva Method s simply and perhaps fearing ridicule a little cautiously. I gently probed for more telling A that I was quite fascinated with the whole area of mental training and positive thinking and didn consider it bunk (which I didn). With that Candidate A came to life shifting from demure interviewee to an animated and enthusiastic endorser of the Method. The longer we chatted the more A came to life. Asking her how she knew it was effective she grinned broadly - even laughing - and leaned forward saying Because Im using it right now on you! Im transferring the thought into your mind that you must hire me. You will hire me. You cannot resist hiring me. And I know you will. Im so excited because I really want this job! I thanked Candidate A for a pleasant interview for exing the Silva Method to me and for her thought transference demonstration. She left in quite a euphoric state assuring me with an almost evangelical intensity that she anxiously awaited my offer. Unfortunately for A no offer would be made. Candidate B was entirely different - smartly dressed reserved and spoken throughout what was to be a fairly drab interview. When I expressed curiosity about her entry of Psychic Healing Candidate B - also a little cautiously - merely offered that it was a capability she learned that she possessed. I pressed gently for more offering that I had read a good deal about people like Edgar Cayce s finding his accounts fascinating. Bing relaxed at hearing this B went on to ex that she became aware of her ability as a young teenager. She regarded herself as an intuitive and that she was able to see and diagnose illnesses and conditions by visualizing the condition of a flower while diagnosing a person. She was developing the healing part. I of course wanted a demonstration. She told me that she usually had a white sheet suspended in front of a person she was diagnosing. Like an x-ray? I offered. Something like that she replied. I see flowers on the sheet. She did the best she could under the circumstances suggesting that I had a history of (as I recall) either a kidney or liver ailments (which I didn). She suggested another couple of things in my medical history which I had to tell her were not close to the mark. B told me that I should check with my doctor as he may have missed something. I thanked her and told her I would looking I suppose rather deadpan. Upon leaving my office I could tell B knew two things she would not get the job; she would delete psychic healing from her resume. Ive read a few really unusual things on resumes. These are two I got to check out personally.