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How do I convert downloaded zip files to pdf file?
First question is what of zip files you have 1. If you have jpeg files then you can convert the jpeg files to PDF by using Acrobat Professional or you can also open the jpegs in Photoshop and then Save as as photoshop PDF. 2. If you have any other file formats like Word files or any other Microsoft Office files then you use convert these files to PDFs directly from corresponding Microsoft Office application. 3. If you have graphics files then you can convert the jpegs from the corresponding application for example if you have Indesign or Illustrator file then you can convert the files using the same application. Hope this helps
How can I convert a PDF document into a Microsoft Word document .docx?
Conversion of a pdf document into a Microsoft word document. There are ample options available to convert PDF to word online. I was all messed up with so many options available and then by chance checked this online software. Finally a sigh of relief randomly I opened tradekare It is best and description of steps in the manual made it easy for me to use it. There are numerous benefits for using an online PDF editor and converter. The main advantage is that an online PDF converter is generally cheaper than using desktop software. Using an online tool is undoubtedly faster than most desktop software which takes a lot of time to install. In addition to that the issue with desktop software is that if yourputer is broken you can convert your PDF files. Whereas with online PDF converters once you have an Internet connection you are good to go. So it is good to use online software Click the UPLOAD FILES button and select up to 1 or 2 PDF files you want to convert. Wait for the conversion process to finish. Save the results either file by file or click the DOWNLOAD ALL button to get them all at once in a ZIP archive.
How do I incorporate pictures when publishing an eBook?
Douglas - it depend on the program you are using to create your ebook and the number of . You may have to adjust the size of the appears on more reading devices but it a pretty straight forward process. This is for a book with a smaller number of s for say a children book then you would need to use Jutoh or Scrivner or . (there are a few different programs out there that format for epub and mobi) for a fixed format in those programs. This is where the pages (and s on every page and not much are set up in a fixed format - not adjustable. I know that has a way to set-up fixed format ebooks but I haven used it and I don know anyone that has. But if you go to their website and search for children book formatting Im sure youll find the answer about their process there. Best of luck!