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Music hey this is money fresh food another tutorial today and I'll show you guys how to convert a word document into a PDF document so if you have Microsoft Word installed and you have to say in a document in a PDF format then the way you do that is you first need to open finder and then in finder you want to go over to applications in applications you're gonna see by default it should be another application here called preview all right now essentially you could do the same thing so if you find the war file you could right-click the word document go to open with and then go to preview okay from here what you need to do is you need to go to file and then you're gonna see the export as PDF option you want to click that and then what I'll do is I'll rename this and you know how to put in the extension of the PDF and I'll save it to my desktop alright I'm just gonna go ahead and click Save as you can see it created a new PDF document and we could verify that if we right-click the file and then go to get info right so now we could confirm that the document was transformed into a PDF document so that's basically how you convert a word document in Mac without needing any additional programs if you don't have a Adobe Acrobat Pro membership then this is the alternative way to create PDF the only thing you wouldn't be able to do is to do the fancy formatting that you get with a Adobe Premiere or Adobe Acrobat Pro program but if you need to just send an email where they only attack except PDF attachments then this is how you convert a dot document to PDF well thank you for watching if you have any questions leave your comment below and please subscribe to my channel.