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Dec 5, 2024 — How to use Microsoft PowerPoint (Vista/7/8/10) in your Business Microsoft PowerPoint for Desktop (Windows 7/8) For Microsoft PowerPoint users. If you're a Microsoft PowerPoint user we believe you will love the following articles:  Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Paint.NET is a new cross-platform cross-platform application development framework that allows you to build, deploy, test and debug .NET based applications.   Paint.NET is a .NET framework for creating user interfaces (UIs) and provides tools for programming with .NET. May 15, 2024 — Windows Phone Apps Built with Paint.NET Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Phone apps built with the new Paint.NET technology. The Microsoft Paint Framework provides a lightweight, high performance, graphics API across all modern operating systems. Paint.NET provides a high level, platform-agnostic API in a way that is easy to use with any .NET library or cross-platform .NET technology. Apr 21, 2024 — A Guide to Installing and Using Paint.NET on Windows Microsoft Paint Framework It is easier to develop on Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. Aug 5, 2024 — Paint.NET This is a general overview of the .NET Paint.NET API. The article takes a look at painting, texturing, animations & more. Apr 18, 2024 — Paint.NET 3.5 Released New Paint.NET version 3.5 has been released. It was the first release for the framework since November 2004, and adds a dozen new functions, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. Apr 18, 2024 — Paint.NET 3.0 Released The Paint.NET framework was first introduced in the Fall of 2024 and released in May 2004. Paint.NET is a general purpose C# GUI library with a strong focus on ease-of-use. Paint.NET has become popular as the default tool for the development of high quality graphics applications. Feb 2, 2024 — Visual Studio Tools for Paint.NET Visual Studio Tools for Paint.NET is a lightweight application that provides all Paint.NET developer tools, from the Visual Studio IDE console, to a built-in Paint.NET editor. Oct 4, 2024 — Microsoft Paint.NET Paint.NET is a portable cross-platform .NET library designed to ease the development of GUI applications.

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