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Base64 To Text: What You Should Know

The number of base64 digits determines the level of decryption (i.e. decryption algorithm). As soon as you want to decode the text on your site, you have one option. No more waiting time for decoding, and no more frustration when decoding fails. Base64 Decode — Online: Our Decode tool will decode Base64 encoded strings to text format and then display both the Base64 string and the code of the encoded string. The decoded Base64 string can be printed or emailed. DNS Bios, DNS SEC & DNS A lot of websites in the web development industry now use DNS SEC and DNS. There are various reasons why websites may not implement these important Internet security standards: The security certificate may not be available through a trusted Certificate Authority; The issuer's key may not have access to the public key of the site's root Certificate Authorities; The public keys of the issuing and the root Certificate Authorities are not the same. To secure online websites from being accessed without a secure certificate, one has to use a Certificate Authority. For the security benefit DNS SEC and DNS, we have designed an easy-to-use certificate generator to generate your own SSL/TLS certificates. DNS SEC (Domain Name System Security), DNS SEC CA, Disconcert generate SSL/TLS certificates. DNS SEC (Domain Name System Security), DNS SEC CA (Digital Signatures for SSL), and Disconcert (Digital Signatures for TLS) are cryptographic protocols for Internet security, and the most common one for browsers and servers are DNS SEC and DNS. The basic idea of this system is that anyone who provides a public key can issue a certificate for the hostname name they specify. The certificate is signed by the designated key. The server can have many users that can authorize the certificate, for example with just one user. So the process is very secure. If you want to know more about what is DNS SEC and what it is good for, I recommend you to read The DNS SEC FAQ. DNS SEC Certificate Security Overview by John Sullivan  If you want to know more about DNS SEC (Domain Name System Security), you can read this very good article. In addition to these security protocols, you also have DNS SEC CA (Digital Signature Authority) to sign your Certificate.

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