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Right click on the file, scroll down the pop up menu and select open with and click on Word. If not encrypted, you should get a pop up that says Word will open/convert your file. Just click ok. This SHOULD work.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

If not you can read it here: It should look like a Word document. (It's not as simple as it sounds though). After you do so go back to your original file, right-click and select “Make Plain Text” (the first option on the resulting pop-up window). This is a very important step. If your original file contains encryption, you'll have to make a backup of it. Make a “plain text” copy of your original file. You should also be able to see or copy your original file from the window you open with this “plain text” copy. Open another copy of your file. If necessary, go to your original file. You should see an “original” message in the top left corner on it. In the left pane, there should be a “Data” section. In this section, you should see a copy of your original file with your original.

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