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Anyone Has Ideas How To Create A Converter That Converts Word?

In most cases transitions and animations would be messed up if back end conversion engine doesn't use MS office. Though MS doesn't recommend COM thing, yet there isn't any issue using it for conversions. Since using MS office would mean having windows machine along with office, cost shoots up. Best is to go for an open source based solution like Xembedo which can work on a Linux machine with free software. Though Xembedo provides high quality HTML conversions, yet PowerPoint elements like animations and media are not supported yet.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

And the best part of converting PowerPoint files is that you can convert it in few clicks. All your problems solved! How to convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations Converting PowerPoint presentations to different formats is a tedious task. It can be annoying if someone tells you that you need MS Office 2010 with your software. But fear not, here we are going to help you. 1. Download PowerPoint presentation file format converter. Windows users can extract the files from your PowerPoint 2008 file and use it. But it is pretty easy to convert the files in Excel, Word and Access/Access 2013. To convert PowerPoint 2007 to PowerPoint 2010 we need to use Excel 2013 (or Office 365). If you are planning to convert PowerPoint 2013 to Office 2008, you can skip this article. 2. Install Microsoft Excel 2013 (or Office 365) You can download Microsoft Excel 2013 (or Office 365) from here. It should be installed automatically in Windows if.

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