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Are There Any Wordpress Plugins That Allow You To Upload Word?

No there really isn’t and we would know .. at Orangedox we convert many different types of files to PDF and we use a variety of tools to accomplish this. If you’re looking to convert an MS Office document (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) then I’d highly recommend looking at OpenOffice or LibreOffice. T both have command line utilities that allow you to convert from Office and open document formats to PDF. However, t can be tricky to implement in an automated process, namely because t only allow for one document to be processed at a time.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

As a solution we’ve created a small script to automate this task. This guide will show you the steps to follow to set up an Apache configuration, then add a simple script to open PDF documents with an existing LibreOffice installation. This guide is for Linux, however there are a couple of ways you can use Python to handle PDF output when you haven’t just configured Apache so that it can handle this. Now the Python API does a better job by handling compression, image manipulation and more, however, it has the following limitations: A single Python script only works if the document contains no embedded images. If you must support images in your documents then you must use a program like Scribes which can automatically generate the needed image files. As a solution we’ve created a small python package which allows you to create a PDF file from any python.

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