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How Can I Convert An Ms Word Doc To PDF?

Firsty go to File menu on the top left corner “file” you will see Then click on “save as” Beside this, Change the format near the save button in drop down menu you wil see pdf option. If there is no any option then Simply type the name and and without space at the end of name type “.pdf”. The format will change.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

Now open the file “.pdf”. Now you need to select “Change image to PDF” (It is not necessary to select an image. Just use your mouse to open file and click save. You will see PDF icon in the upper left corner of desktop. Now click it and select “.pdf” to save the file. Now let us say, you want to change image of a photo, but you don't seem to see any PDF option. Just click on a PDF button, the photo will change to the PDF option. To save the file simply close it. 3) Change the font to different If you want to have different font on your page, you can do by following steps: 1. Open the PDF file in your favorite word processor and open font option from the bottom. Then click Edit Font option from the bottom. Then click Change Font from the bottom. 2. You will see.

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