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How Can I Download The Full Version Of PDF To Word Converter?

I presume the problem is that when you click on a PDF link it loads in your browser rather than downloading? If that’s the case, just right-click the link (you can control-click too if you’re using a Mac) and choose to download the target - or the equivalent option shown by your browser. This tells it to stop trying to display it and just download the file for you. If you have a PDF already showing in your browser then look for overlay controls that offer a download option as well as zoom buttons. Safari does this, others may too. Finally, alt-clicking a link (or holding down Alt while reloading) will - on Macs at least - download rather than display the target, even if it’s an HTML page. Does this help, or have I guessed wrong about exactly what the problem is?

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

Thanks, Achilleas.

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