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How Can We Convert Word Document To PDF Without Any Software?

Under normal circumstances, just as you would anything else. If you are in Reader mode, and you can select the text. Right click, select Copy; go to your document, right click and select Paste Just be aware that not all formatting may copy over or you may get some strange results. If you getting only the text copied over (and using the documents settings). This shows the difference.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

If you're getting “The user selected this to delete, so no formatting will be saved.”, it's not a problem. If it's just the text and formatting, then paste to your document, then select the text, select “Save Document”, then copy it to another window (or whatever's on your clipboard) and select the other window for your copy. As for changing the color? It's not just “copy and paste” this is changing it with a single key press: Open a new document. Then change the color with F2 or (for black) Command-F2. Then select the text and select color with the right click. That should show the change. There I was a little confused because I would paste a colored, white block of text to change my colors, this is what I was doing. If you get anything on the other screen. This shows what to do. In the text.

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