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How Do I Convert A PDF To A Word Document In Asp?

ItextSharp library will help in this. look here Converting HTML to PDF using iTextSharp dll in ASP.NET With C#

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

The following code snippets are for converting HTML to PDF using the iTextSharp.dll. The original HTML is shown at the bottom of the page. To convert HTML to PDF using iTextSharp, simply add the .dll inside the \scripts folder of your project, which contains code to call your .NET DLL. If you used the Microsoft OneNote solution, use its default options. Important This method will only work with the .NET Framework 4 (Windows Phone Store app version). Step 1. Open Microsoft OneNote. Step 2. Change the project in the top-level folder. Step 3. In the top-level folder, open the project's properties view. In the “Include libraries” section, include the .dll: Include the .dll if you are on .NET 4: Include the .dll in .NET 4 if you are on .NET 3: Important This method will only work with OneNote 2014. Step 4. In the top-level folder, add the project's .NET 4 Puget package. Note: If you used the Microsoft OneNote.

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