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How Do I Convert PDF?

Rebuild the document in PowerPoint. There’s no way to do a one-step conversion. You could save the PDF as a JPG (or a series of JPGs if it’s multipage) and insert each JPG into each PPT slide. You can’t insert a PDF directly. Note that this will lose the editable text in the PDF making your PPT non-WAG compliant; you will need to add back content to make the document accessible. Easier would be to present the PDF in full-page mode, as you would the PPT. If you need handouts, the PDF will give you better control over your prints.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

Get it at. PDFs have a lot more detail and are very portable. HTML files, as we have seen, are not. So it is easy to download and extract an HTML file using these tools and save it to your hard disks. If you have been building PDFs or HTML files in Adobe Acrobat, then you know that you are out of luck. This has not stopped people from extracting text from Adobe PDF files. But we know that this is a pain in the neck, and you do not want to lose control of your own files. In this tutorial we will take a look at some powerful functions that are available in Raster Master that enable you to write to the PDF, HTML, or both. PDF and HTML files come in many flavors and Raster Master is able to convert PDF files to HTML so that you can use the same PDF file.

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