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How Do You Transfer A PDF Done On A Mac And Convert It To A Windows?

Just print the one page. When you choose Print from the File menu, it has an ellipsis to indicate there is more to the command. You will next see a dialog box that allows you to chose, among other things, the page to print and where to print it. You choose the page, you choose PDF from the drop-down menu of options, and then click Print. Another dialog box appears giving you the choice of choosing where on your hard drive the PDF file will be created. Once you agree with that, the page will appear at the location you chose.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

The next step is to select the PDF file to insert. Click Insert PDF and you will get a window similar to the one in the previous step. The first screen shows a file name that you will want to use for the file. You can select from a variety of formats, including Text (which I have just selected), Graphics, and Word. Next, you need to choose the file size for the file. Again, this file works great in this example. For example, the file might be 4.8 MB, or 10 MB, or 16 MB. After you select sizes, click the Open PDF button and the PDF page will begin to appear. It has several options as described in the next step. First, the page can be zoomed in, which lets you see exactly what will fill the entire space. You might want to use it at 100%. Then you have options for color.

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