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How Does One Protect A PDF?

A PDF file in image format is usually a scanned PDF file. In order to convert a scanned PDF/PDF image file into an editable word document, you need a PDF tool including OCR features. The best pdf tool for this purpose is the SwifDoo PDF tool. It is a PDF easy-to-use pdf tool and it is also an editor and converter program which can quickly OCR any PDF file and convert it to an editable word document. In order to perform this task using the SwifDoo PDF tool, you need to follow the below steps. Visit the official website of SwifDoo PDF and navigate to edit features using the main menu on the website. Once the PDF tool is open, you need to select and upload the scanned/PDF image file to it using the “Choose File” button or drag & drop method. As soon as the PDF file is uploaded, you need to click on the OCR Setting, set the language for the document and then set “documents with text and image” as output file format. Once done, simply click on the “Convert” button and wait for the completion of processing by SwifDoo pdf. On completion of the process, you will have the option to download the output editable word document.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

If you want to make a document with all the pages in it. You need to: a. Set a document size — In any mode: — The document mode (Normal or Large) has the document size (in MB). You do not have to touch this setting if you want t to save a document of any default width. b. Set all the pages by page number, and you have the possibility t to select the page that you want to make a screenshot by a particular page number. c. If you want to take 2 screenshots in the same folder, select the first screenshot, and you have the option to select another page by pressing Tab. d. It is necessary to set a maximum size. You can choose any number between 1 KB and 25 MB. e. If you want to make a document of a particular size, and you.

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