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In Microsoft Word?

Right click on the file, scroll down the pop up menu and select open with and click on Word. If not encrypted, you should get a pop up that says Word will open/convert your file. Just click ok. This SHOULD work.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

What you can do in all other programs is either check the PDF or try to reproduce and then work on the HTML. Of course, Word has a bug-tracing function, but I haven’t found it, so your best bet is to try and reproduce the problem yourself. The simplest and quickest approach is to open the PDF file, find the table in the first two lines, then see what the first word (in that second line) is. You can also find the first two words in the HTML. (If you’re stuck then it might be worth pointing out that the HTML document is a bit longer.) If you don’t know the order or layout of your own file then you are out of luck. If you can’t get the table to work then try adding the font to the first line. In fact, if the font seems to disappear.

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