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What Happens When You Convert A PDF To Word?

Yes. You can do that with ease using OCR software. A scanned PDF is image-based. You can't convert it using a regular PDF converter. In such a case, the OCR (optical character recognition) technology is needed. OCR software is available for macOS, Windows, Android, etc. For example, Mac users can use an app called PDF Converter OCR. PDF Converter OCR is a PDF Converter with OCR function. You can use it to easily turn a scanned PDF into Word. Step 1. Download and install the app. Open it. Drag PDF files into it. Step 2. Make sure that the OCR button is switched on. Select Docx or Doc as the output format. Step 3. Click Convert. If the content is in foreign language or a combination of languages, it's important to choose OCR languages. You can view and adjust the OCR recognition. Windows users can use Readiris 17.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

Using the same Swindon Converter, Swindon PDF allows you to convert other standard formats of PDF documents (JPG, DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .PPTX) Once again, download, install and launch Swindon PDF on your Windows PC to find all standard PDF document conversion options. When it comes to converting PDF to MS Word, there are many free online PDF document conversion utilities that are available. Please check below the free PDF to MS Word online tools by downloading them first. Let Me know how do you use the above free PDF document converter tools to convert PDF into Word. Download & Install & Run Swindon PDF to Convert PDF to MS Word In the end you should have received a PDF file which is able to be used for document publishing. It is highly recommended doing a final review of the converted PDF before publishing it. Download & Install Free PDF Document Converter Software You.

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