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Whats The Best Way To Change A PDF To A Word Doc And Keep The?

Unfortunately if your intention is to just CTRL+C and CTRL+V, it won't work. As other answers have clearly elaborated, you will need to find and install a 3rd party software that is capable of doing this. Alternatively, you can also find websites that will convert the documents. You will just need to upload the file onto said site. Considering these are short stories you wish to compile, I assume it shouldn't be a problem. I'd be wary of uploading any sensitive information. A quick Google search should help you with the software/website you need.

Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

When you're done with your file, choose Export, and it will convert the file to a Word file. Do not forget that, when you save a file in Word, an icon is placed in the upper left of the screen to indicate this. Open another PDF file and look at your file by opening it in Word. Now you have a Word file with your information that could have been written in plain text. You can also delete this entire Word file, or save your changes and export another text file. When you're ready, export the file as an TXT file from the Import menu. What Are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Word? Word is free with MS Office Suite and will work with any word processing software that you may have installed on your computer. In addition to PDF, you can also use Word with the free e-Reader apps. The main.

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