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Instructions and Help about How To Convert Word To PDF And Send

Hey everyone this is truveen and in this session we will be talking about how we can convert word document to pdf using power automatic without using any premium connector so now let's get started and talk about the overall business scenario in detail over here so here i am on my machine and here you can see that i have created two different document library one is you content word and one is you content pdf now what i wanted to achieve here is whenever i upload any document to my document library it should convert that document to the pdf document and that will store that document into this specific document library call you content pdf now how can we achieve this requirement and i do not want to use any premium connector over here now let me show you the overall approach that i am going to use in order to build this solution so basically i am going to use onedrive as a middle level to convert my word file to pdf document now there is one out of the box action available in the power automatic for this procedure i am going to explain more about that in detail later on this session so now let's get started with the flow development and let me show you the start to end procedure in detail over here so first of all let me go here and let me open up my power automate flow and let me just create one power automatic flow when a user upload a file to the sharepoint document library and now from new flow create automated cloud flow so here we have a sharepoint connector called when a file is created properties only so let's select that and click on create just give the name for your flow over here so i'm just giving my flow name as word to pdf v1 now provide the site address so let me just provide my site address as test demo and let's select the library so i'm going to upload the files to the word document library now let's add an action called get file content so select the sharepoint action get file content and now just provide the taste site and just provide the file identifier and just search for the identifier for your file so let's select that now let's add an action create a file so that will create one file in the onedrive so let's add a new step and add an action create a file so here you can see the action create file select that now here you need to provide the folder path so let me just select the root folder then you just need to provide the file name so file name will be similar like this file name that we are going to upload here so let's provide the file name over here as filename as extension select and search for ...